How can getting a weight loss buddy help you?

The best way to ensure that you have mental support and motivation while you are on your weight loss plan is by getting a weight loss buddy also known as a fitness buddy. Recruiting someone to help you to lose weight gives effective results. There are two types of weight loss buddies- someone who is on a similar fitness quest as you. The other is someone who is not seeking to lose weight, but acts as a support system for you.

Gives you company while eating healthy food

If you have a weight loss buddy who is on a similar diet plan as yours, you will always have company when you are eating your diet food such as sprouts, fresh fruits, salads, whole wheat bread etc. You do not feel left out and there are fewer chances of you giving up your diet.

Helping you avoid mindless gorging

A weight loss buddy is a great help to help you avoid mindless eating of fatty, sugary or fried snacks that are absolutely a no-no for your diet. They help you resist temptation and take your mind off eating such foods. Losing weight fast means you have to watch your daily calorie intake, only eat as much fuel as your body needs otherwise the rest will be stored away as fat.

Exercising together

Exercising all by yourself can make you feel lonely or de-motivated at times. Having a fitness buddy with you when you are jogging, doing squats or other fitness trainings motivates you to go on for a little longer and push your limits.


Making workouts enjoyable

You look forward to your workout sessions since you have a friend to give you company while you are doing the rigorous exercises to lose weight. It makes workouts enjoyable.

Doing fun activities

If you are alone in your weight reduction quest, there are a limited number of activities that you can do. However, having a weight loss buddy increases the scope of physical activities that you can do. You can play high intensity football, relay racing, basketball, swimming competitions, cycling races etc. The number of activities that you can do together to achieve maximum physical workout increases multiple fold.

Healthy competition

If your buddy is on the same weight loss training plan as yours, there is a small element of healthy competition between you and your buddy. This is beneficial to both since you get motivated to do even better workouts and stick to your diets plans to lose weight. Body transformation programs can be a great motivator to lose weight because you’re surrounded by likeminded people on the same journey as you.

Celebration of achievements

Major milestones such as hitting your weight loss target halfway or running your first half marathon are achievements that you can celebrate with your fitness buddy. You always have someone to appreciate your efforts and commend your hard work. They help you celebrate wins.

Keeps you accountable

Whenever you feel de-motivated or have the urge to skip workouts or have that chocolate pastry, your fitness buddy comes to your rescue. He/she reminds you of your ultimate goals and motivates you to go on with your diet or \workout plans. In this way they keep you accountable.

It is easy to find a weight loss buddy. You can enlist the support of your spouse, sibling or friend. You can look around in your exercise group or gym and find people who have similar fitness goals as yours. It is best to have a fitness buddy by your side to provide you support, motivation, advice and encouragement in every step of your fitness journey.